Finding a Sample Dissertation Prospectus: 4 Easy Ways

A dissertation prospectus is a document that you should present to your committee before writing your paper. A prospectus should include the purpose of your thesis, information about previous works on your topic, the description of your research methods, sources that will be used, your schedule, and bibliography. It’s not easy to write a decent prospectus without looking at some examples. Where can you find good sample papers? This article contains a list of sources that can be easily found.

  1. Consult your instructor.
  2. If you need a good example of a dissertation prospectus, you should go to your professor or instructor first. Your instructor is obliged to help you with this matter, so you may get some decent sample papers or even more help. Your instructor may give you valuable advice about writing and formatting your prospectus. You may come to your instructor with your drafts, and he or she will indicate your mistakes and explain to you how to avoid them.

  3. Visit your university library.
  4. Libraries aren’t very popular among students nowadays due to the development of the Internet. However, you shouldn’t ignore your university’s library. There are many research papers composed by the students of your university stored in the library. It’s likely that you’ll find some good dissertation prospectuses there too. If you don’t want to deal with physical copies of papers, you may take advantage of your university’s electronic library. There you’ll find there plenty of decent documents that might be useful to you.

  5. Ask your friends.
  6. You are likely to have friends who study at the same university with you. You may ask them about their prospectuses. If they have examples that they used to write their own works, they’ll share these papers with you without any problems. You may also ask your friends who have already graduated from your university. They definitely wrote similar papers in the past, so they should have some copies of their prospectuses.

  7. Use online sources.
  8. The Internet is full of sites that contain sample papers for your dissertation prospectus. For example, you may look at electronic databases that store huge amounts of books and documents. You may also start threads on student forums to ask for help with this matter. Additionally, you may send an email to a professional research paper writing company and ask it to provide you with examples for your work. However, writing companies usually demand money for their services, so you should consider your budget first.

If you follow all of these tips, you’ll be able to find more than enough examples for your work.