Radiology Dissertation Ideas: 20 Good Questions To Look Into

Radiology is not by far an easy subject. Actually, it is one of the most difficult ones to study, even if it is truly fascinating. To prepare your dissertation for this course, you must reserve a few weeks for research before you even start writing. The volume and difficulty of information is noticeable, therefore you have to be very careful what topic you choose. In order to create something excellent, you must see the problem from different perspectives and to offer solutions and answers that everyone is interested in.

  1. What is the purpose of your dissertation? Are you trying to simply present an issue, or to help your classmates?
  2. What do you want to talk about? You can mention the technical aspect of radiology, or the entire process of a consultation.
  3. What education do you need? To become a radiologist, you must study for many years.
  4. Do your classmates know what is this about? You can make a simple presentation and explain to them the general ideas of radiology.
  5. What are the coding tips used by radiologists? Every disease and affection has a code.
  6. Is radiology the main branch? Mention the other specialties.
  7. Communication in the field. What are the most common communication methods?
  8. Technological aspects. How technology changed the medical world?
  9. Radiology in Medicine. There are many branches that use this, and you can mention some of them and give examples.
  10. The Importance of this niche. Why is it so important?
  11. What does it take to be a good radiologist? Mention the qualities that you need to have to succeed.
  12. Veterinary Medicine is a useful thing? This procedure is not used only for humans, but also for animals.
  13. Is this dangerous? The radiation that the patient is exposed to can be damaging?
  14. Emergency medicine. Is this something that you might consider, and if no why?
  15. What is the structure of the national health system?
  16. Health insurance. Do you think that everyone should have free medical care?
  17. Marie Curie. Since she is one of the most significant figures in this field, you can make a paper about her and her major discoveries.
  18. What is an X-ray, CT or EKG?
  19. What devices a doctor will use to get a full visualization of somebody’s body?
  20. Real stories. Mention some real cases where an X-ray was the key to solve a complicated case.