How To Find Free Dissertation Marketing Reports On The Web: Vital Tips

If you’ve decided to pursue a higher-level degree in marketing, you will eventually have to write a dissertation. An academic dissertation is a long report about a subject, usually based in original research. These papers are generally supervised by a thesis committee, and culminate in an oral examination wherein you answer questions about your paper.

Marketing is the study and practice of promoting the benefits and features of a service or product, for the purpose of encouraging people to buy them. It involves a combination of rigorous research, careful planning, and strategy to reach out to consumers and promote a company. It’s a thriving field, and has long been a very popular major. Many people with bachelor’s degrees in this subject decide to pursue a higher degree, like a Master’s or PhD. This is where dissertations come on.

If you’re writing a marketing dissertation, you may not be sure where to begin. You might wonder how to find free graduate-level reports on the Web. This is very possible, and you can find a lot of interesting research that can give you some ideas of your own thesis. Here are some vital tips:

  • Look online for other people’s dissertation reports. You can find both actual published projects, and mock-up thesis paper samples, at various locations on the Internet.

  • Ask on a forum if someone would send you a link to their successful, published thesis. You’ll be surprised how many people will be happy to give you a hand by letting you look at their own thesis.

  • Decide what branch of the subject you want to write about. Are you more interested in relationship marketing, branding, or direct marketing? The “Relationship” approach focuses on relational factors like customer loyalty. Branding focuses on building brand equity and brand identityThe “Direct” approach includes direct mail, magazines, newspapers, cold calling, and more. Decide what areas of the field interest you most, and look for example thesis papers within those fields.

  • Look at current events and trends for ideas. Look at what’s happening in the world of today. Think about new technologies, like social media, and how they have affected M&A strategy.

If you’re not sure how to find free dissertation marketing reports on the Web, there are many places you can look. Looking at other people’s thesis papers can give you a better idea of how your report should be structured, how you should carry out your research, and what kinds of problems you should explore.