A List of Good Dissertation Topics in Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing

Writing a winning dissertation paper often comes down to selecting a really good topic to research and write about in your dissertation presentation on your path to a PhD. When going for an OBGYN degree you should consider topics that are not only original but also interesting to you. A topic you you’re interested in will be easier to work with, especially when the task of completing your dissertation could take several months. Here’s a list of some topics you can use for your own work or as inspiration to develop your own.

  1. A History of Twin to Twin Blood Transfusion and the Science Behind It
  2. What techniques and medications exist for twin to twin blood transfusions and how successful have they been in keeping the twins healthy?

  3. Observational Studies on HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) in Pregnant Women
  4. What can be learned by clinical studies concerning pregnant women who carry the virus? What do the transfusion numbers say about safe practices, treatments and procedures?

  5. Trial of Expectant Management Versus Induction
  6. What do clinical trials show about the health of both a baby and mother after both methods of birth? Can the studies reveal something about how each approach can be improved?

  7. Early Stage Osteoporosis in Pregnant Women
  8. What effects does early state osteoporosis have in pregnant women across all three trimesters? What are the increased risks and how should these risks be treated?

  9. Early Menopause in Women With Multiple Births
  10. Are women more at risk of early menopause after giving birth to a certain number of children? What other factors can attribute to early menopauses that have not been considered?

  11. Repair Mechanisms for Plasma Membrane and Their Effectiveness
  12. Plasma membrane repair methods have significant risks and moderate effectiveness. What can we learn about the repair mechanisms to improve women’s safety?

  13. Reproductive Health Care for Women: An Assessment
  14. Can you provide an assessment of the current methods for reproductive health care in women and what their effectiveness has had?

  15. Healthy Diets Across All Three Stages of Pregnancy
  16. What can dietary science teach us about how women stay healthy throughout all stages of pregnancy? What do women get more and less of in terms of nutrients and vitamins?

  17. Antibodies in Pregnancy and Effects on Fetuses
  18. How do antibodies affect the health of women and fetuses during the first trimester of pregnancy?

  19. HIV Transmission and Methods in Prevention
  20. What are the most effective methods and treatments for prevention HIV transmission during pregnancy and birth?