28 Great Dissertation Topics Related To American History

America has seen so many troughs and crests that it is impossible to enlist them all in a small article. Rising from a British colony to the lone superpower within 240 years demands critical analysis and writing.

Sticking to one province

What you can do with your dissertation is to stick to one province; thereby lessening the chance to deviate. Yes, the period that you choose must be dissected with propriety. You need to assess and encompass the sociological norms of the day.

You should also be fair and analytical about your assertions. Do not be driven by personal prejudices; only human in the American case. Your progress should be that of a scholar; not the influenced.

Meanwhile, here are 28 perceptive dissertation topics on American History for your reference –

  1. The part played by Spanish and French in the American Revolution
  2. The formation of the 13 states; a precursor to the big idea
  3. Life and lights of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
  4. How does Boston Tea Party stand as a metaphor of the dilution of British prowess among its English colonies?
  5. How did United States of America solve the national debt crisis post American Revolution?
  6. Abolition of slavery: A great contribution by Abraham Lincoln
  7. The benefits and long-standing virtues of Industrial Revolution
  8. A critical commentary on the War of 1812
  9. How USA was plagued by differential thought processes in the North and South
  10. A critique on Abolitionism
  11. Shed light on the ethical and social codes of Reconstruction
  12. The part that USA played in 1st World War
  13. The impact of the Great Depression of 1933 and the resultant New Deal
  14. The economic growth of USA between 1933 and 1940
  15. Hitler, Pearl Harbor and American indiscretions in 2nd World War
  16. Justify or refute the Vietnam War
  17. The impact of Cold War on then developing countries and the Third World
  18. The strengths and weaknesses of UN
  19. The role that USA has played towards equality of women
  20. Commentary on Women’s Lib, Women’s Suffrage and escalation of their position in society
  21. The colonial benefits that USA sought in African little-known countries in 1960s
  22. The small stint and impact of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  23. An assimilation of events during the Civil Rights Movement
  24. How 9/11 has changed American perspective on security
  25. Was USA justified in calling war on Afghanistan
  26. Should USA practice what it preaches in case of NTBT?
  27. Does USAS have the tendency to go over-dominant on territorial issues
  28. How USA shows the economic paths to the globe