English Literature Dissertation Title Ideas You Should Consider

Whereas with an essay you had to incorporate both fact and opinion, now you must provide a dissertation on literature. A literature dissertation can be about your favorite book and you can talk about that as much as you want, but to complete this assignment successfully you need to research deeper and target the themes of the text and also connect with the cultural aspect of what was happening around the time the book was written and published.


A time where poetry was popular and political times were evolving. Darwin wrote about evolution and poets such as Byron and Shelley were causing a social ruckus. Women were writing under pseudonyms. Mark Twain became famous for writing about Tom Sawyer's adventures and the civil war in America was raging.


In terms of this century everything was taking shape - the way society lived, the economy and industrialization. Gone were the simple and traditional ways of life. Lady Chatterley's Lover caused a storm for being 'sexually explicit' and some years after when Lolita was published that incited the same response. Poets were writing with great imagery, and so were the novelists.


This is the century where the style of many writers became blurred, even experimental, and in the mid-1950's the beat writers of America became very popular.


Here are some examples of topics to help you with your English literature dissertation title:

  • Bible and religion represented in literature
  • Milton
  • Wordsworth and the words he used to create inspiring imagery
  • Gothic literature
  • The origins of a novel
  • Women and their rights in literature
  • Time and space in literature
  • Jack Kerouac and travel writing
  • Nineteenth-century Jewish writing
  • The poetry of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Darwin
  • How the working class and middle-class divide has been represented in literature
  • Catcher in The Rye: the effects of the book on the youth at the time and how it influenced the movies
  • Roald Dahl and his importance in Children's Literature
  • Analyzing the trends of sales in romantic fiction
  • The worker and the pulp magazine
  • The effect of the war poet on the nineteenth century
  • Gertrude Stein and her influence
  • Queer literature in the twentieth century
  • Who was Lewis Carroll?
  • Freelance versus traditional publishing

These are a few of the topics that you could pick to research and write for your literature dissertation. Don’t forget - you must remember to write about the world around them and not just complete a review of the book itself.