Where To Get Strong Examples Of Dissertation Conclusions

The end of any piece of writing has to be snappy, memorable and brilliant, which is no mean feat! Sometimes, the best way to know exactly how to write the perfect conclusion to a dissertation is to read another example to understand the tone and style that is expected of you. The trick is to find really strong examples to take inspiration from. Here are some of the best places to find outstanding dissertation conclusions.

  • University pages
  • Universities are very selective about what they want to see in dissertations: content, style and form are amongst some of the things that are examined when the writing gets marked. Of course, to make things slightly easier for the students, many universities (and other academic establishments) put examples on their homepages or individual department pages online in order to allow students to understand what is expected of them. Make sure you check here first! Your university will show you what it wants from you through examples, so read as many dissertation conclusions as they have on their pages!

  • Other students
  • Often, it is worth asking other students (preferably who have already completed their dissertation!) to lend you their writing so you can compare yours to theirs, or simply take inspiration. Obviously, this has the added advantage of having someone to talk you through the writing if they are willing. The student may be happy to explain to you why they wrote their conclusion in the way they did, and may even divulge their mark. This means that you will have an idea of what level you can expect if your work has similar elements to theirs. Just make sure never to plagiarise! You can find these students either via your academic institution or even online on forums.

  • Google/Google Scholar
  • Google and Google Scholar will often retrieve different results, so be sure to check both. (For the best results, also search for multiple different combinations of keywords.) There are plenty of other dissertation examples online not found on university pages. Therefore, conducting a more general search somewhere such as Google can yield more different results for you to read through. Just remember a couple of essential points:

    1. Include your subject and even the level you are working at (e.g. graduate or postgraduate) for the most accurate results. This will, however, restrict your findings, so don’t be too strict!
    2. If you want to find free samples, remember to tell the search engine so, or you’ll find plenty of pay-for-essay sites!