Tried And Tested Techniques On How To Write A Successful Doctoral Thesis

First, Do Not Take It Life or Death Seriously

Writing a doctoral thesis can be a very intimidating process. The major thing I want to tell you is not to let it overwhelm you too much. Scholastic stress can wreak major havoc on your body—hormones, testosterone, and adrenals especially and you need to keep your positive energy flowing, right? So, make sure to know that at any time, you can step away from this and take a break if you need to. The great thing about signing up for doctoral thesis hours is it gives you time to rest and heal. So just know that and go on.

Realize this—With the Way it is Formatted, It is really Several Small Papers

And realize this—It is just a long essay divided into chapters—or think of it like a whole bunch of one page essays you need to write one after another. With APA formatting (and even MLA formatting) for long documents, what you’ll see in other dissertations is use of LOTS of headers—you know, that bold type that allows you to break up all essays into one to two page (or shorter) increments that set off different areas of the paper. For example, in a paper on how polar bears might become extinct if we do not stop dangerous human practices that are making the planet too warm you might see some headers like these.

Human Practice Number One That is Contributing to Global Warming

How Much Danger Are We in Of Losing Our Polar Bears

What We Can Do Right Now to Save The Polar Bears


Long Term Practices We Can Put into Affect to Save These Bears

So, when you think of it that way it is not so intimidating.

What Saved My Doctoral Dissertation

Let me tell you what I did to save my doctoral dissertation. A lot of confusion goes into writing a dissertation or thesis and I found one way to get a really solid working example of what to do. See, I was writing my dissertation on William Styron, a modern American author of the 20th century. So I ordered other student’s dissertations on similar authors and similar focuses. Not only was I able to see a dissertation all laid out from section to section, but studying their works cited page exposed me to all that hard to find research their doctoral committee had suggested they look into.