In Search Of A Sample Dissertation Methodology: Basic Tips

A dissertation is a fairly complicated document but at its heart it is basically a paper like any other you would be expected to complete in high school for instance. Similarly, the methodology of a research assignment is merely a description of the methods that were used to acquire the information that the project set out to find.

As a first time researcher or a returning student, the concept of creating such a piece of work may be a bit difficult to accept. It seems impossible when viewed like that however many resources can be accessed which can help you in understanding the process.

  • Speak to recent graduates
  • If someone has just completed their dissertation successfully enough to have graduated you should take some time to speak to them. Ask that they bring along their papers as well. You can both look at the methodology section together and in this setting ask as many questions as you need to until you can confidently attempt your own work.

  • Ask your supervising professor or lecturer
  • Whoever has been assigned to keep you in line during the course of your research has a responsibility to provide you with reasonable amounts of assistance in order to increase your chances of finishing your dissertation successfully. By asking them for help directly you will be certain that the information you receive is in line with the criteria on which your work will eventually be graded. You may not get as much one on one attention as with a former student but it is still a very helpful solution.

  • Search the World Wide Web
  • This suggestion is listed last for several reasons. It is not as personal as the other two. There are also many people who post false information online because they want to drive traffic to their sites but are too lazy to do actual research or they may simply enjoy misleading others. You may not necessarily be able to tell this apart from good sources at a distance. Try only using sites that have been proven to contain genuine academic content. Sometimes it may be difficult to find these in the midst of all the pretenders online but that is what search engines are for.

Over the course of your resource accumulation you will develop a better understanding of what the methodology section should contain and your work will improve for it.