Finding Top-Quality Accounting Dissertations On The Web

Whether you are already enrolled in an accounting doctoral program and are working on your own dissertation, or you are interested in applying to one and trying to find a sample to better understand what goes into it, you’re probably searching for accounting dissertations on the web. Start your search with these places:

  • The library
  • Practically all universities will keep copies of all of their past doctoral and thesis papers in their library collection. This can either be as a bound copy in the actually library, or online on the library webpage. Typically you can search through these by year and program.

  • Program websites
  • Many academic programs will also keep dissertations of current and past students on their program webpage. Be sure to search not only your own program’s site, but that of other programs, in order to get the best range and variety of examples.

  • Dissertation databases
  • There are several databases that are dedicated solely to thesis and doctoral papers. You may be able to access them for free through your university’s library collections, otherwise they sometimes require a subscription. ProQuest is one of the best dissertation databases, allowing you to search by country, university, and subject such as accounting.

  • Academic Journals
  • Academic journals are a great source for dissertations on a specific subject such as accounting. While not all doctoral papers are published in academic journals, many are. Search through accounting journals for papers that indicate that they were written in a doctoral program. Often times they will say in the acknowledgements section.

  • Professional organizations and conferences
  • Many doctoral papers that are not published in academic journals will be presented at a professional organization conference. So by searching through the conference proceedings from accounting organizations, you should be able to find many great doctoral projects. While the presentation itself may not include the full paper, they will sometimes link to them, or you can search using the title to find the full text.

When looking for a dissertation example in a subject like accounting, it is important to keep in mind what makes a good accounting doctoral paper. Specifically for a discipline like accounting which is very practice oriented, it is important for doctoral research to be practical. The majority of accounting research has to do with best practices, exactly because the discipline is so pragmatic. It can also be useful though, for research to look at how practices have changed over time, in order to gain insight on how they might change in the future.