Answering A Popular Request: How Long Does It Take To Do A Master’s Thesis?

A Master’s thesis can run from 45-90 pages long without the bibliography. Those pages need to be packed with references and research. They are double-spaced and will follow either APA or MLA format. Your advisor will give you the details on formatting and what the entire project includes. The lengths vary according to the topics selected and the stated requirements of the school. Eventually you and the committee determine your paper length.

Before you can write it, you have to meet with your advisor or thesis director. Then you must compose a proposal. The proposal narrows and limits your topic and helps to create your research query. Once you are given the go ahead, you can begin to write.

As you write each section, you will need to visit your advisor or thesis director for approval, comments, and suggestions. The final paper will also need to be approved. Once the complete and revised paper is approved, you will need to consider submitting it. There are different forms and procedures at different universities.

You should begin this entire project in the first semester of your first graduate year. It is expected by most major schools, that it will be finished and approved by the spring semester or at the latest your second graduate year. Some schools have the requirement that is has to be finalized by the fifth year within the program. Please understand that if you are a part-time student, you may be granted extensions or even be given a completely different schedule and deadlines.

Some schools will offer a course or two which is based around nothing but the writing of your Master’s thesis. This may help with the time factor, as you are guided through instruction on how to complete the process. The schools that offer these perks generally make them required semester classes with a sequential feature.

So, it will take approximately two semesters for you to write your thesis. This may be different for some people who attend on a part time basis or who have been given exceptions to the rule. It is not a process to be rushed and it does have steps that must be completed before the next goal can begin. Your college will have forms, papers, and procedures that will explain the process and timeframe to you before you begin the process.