A List Of Outstanding Dissertation Topics In Statistics

Picking a topic that can easily be researched using accurate and reliable sources

When you need to write a dissertation it is important that you pick a topic for which you can carry out thorough research. Furthermore, you need to be sure that any research methods that you choose to use will not only be ethical, but will also be reasonably achievable.

As well as making the writing task easier for yourself by picking a topic that is easily researched, it is important that you can do so using accurate and reliable sources. To ensure a high standard of work, you need to be certain that any sources that you use are verifiable and contain information that is valid.

Reading articles and other material to help develop ideas of an outstanding statistics dissertation

Before you can start the writing you will, of course, need to have a topic to write about. In order to help think of a topic to write about it can be a good idea to look at various articles and other material in order to inspire you. You may wish to look at relevant publications based on the subject that your dissertation will be about, or you may simply wish to read articles in newspapers or online in order to help with your creativity in relation to thinking of a good idea or topic to write about.

Looking through other papers to help get an idea of what you should write about

Another great way of finding good topics to write about is by looking through previously written papers. You may wish to look for free papers online, or you could even choose to enlist the help of professional writing agencies, as they will often be able to provide prewritten samples, as well as bespoke services.

A list of various topics and ideas for your statistics paper

  • How are statistics measured?
  • A statistical analysis of gun crime in relation to unemployment
  • A statistical analysis of the most successful football players of all time
  • A statistical analysis of home owners today compared to 40 years ago
  • A statistical analysis of university graduates getting a job in an industry related to their field of study
  • A statistical analysis of house prices over the past half a century
  • The dangers of misinterpreting statistics
  • How statistics can be manipulated to back up opposing claims
  • The importance of accurate statistics to businesses
  • How government use statistics