How To Come Up With An Outstanding Architecture Dissertation Topic

If you are passionate about architecture, you have a very exciting life ahead of you. You will have the chance to visit different parts of the world, to know history and arts and to get to know a country only by its buildings. Even if it sounds so amazing, you can’t forget how much you have to study to become a good professional. Before starting your career, you have to complete your dissertation and this is not an easy job. Here is how to come up with some outstanding topics that you can use:

  • Be a tourist in your own city. Let’s be realistic: how many times did you stop to actually look at the buildings in your city? Probably never. You already know them, you passed in front of them for years and you don’t think that there is anything extraordinary to see. Well, try to be a tourist for a day and go to visit the most important monuments and constructions. Find out more about them, about their significance and the way they were built.
  • Talk with people from all over the world. If you want to write about something original, you have to make some efforts. Go on the Internet and try to discuss with people from other continents. Ask them about their small city, about important buildings that are there, about the temples that they visit. Do this for a few days and for sure you will find a subject that is worth writing about.
  • Read some history. You probably did not know that some buildings in your country are so important. These constructions are real symbols for people and they mean much more than just four walls and a roof. Try to discuss with old people who witnessed the history; they will tell you amazing stories.
  • Visit an exotic country. If you have this possibility, you have the chance to complete the most amazing project. When you visit an exotic country you encounter constructions that you did not imagine, that look so different from what you’ve seen by now. Also, most of the time these buildings have political or religious significance, and you can mention this in your composition. To make sure that others will be interested in what you wrote, you can even take pictures and videos and present them in front of your class.