Where To Find A Good Sample Dissertation Proposal On Domestic Violence

The dissertation is a long and tedious process but it starts with your dissertation proposal. Some schools require a proposal prior to your dissertation topic being approved. The purpose of the proposal is to demonstrate to your review board that you have completed the necessary rudimentary research to determine whether or not your topic is something that you can cover in the span of pages required. It is also an opportunity to show that you have conducted preliminary literature reviews and that you know adequate amounts of peer-reviewed information and resources are available in support of your topic. Overall the purpose of this is to really make sure that you will be able to complete your topic as is without running into a major roadblock and being forced to turn around and start over.

If your academic institution requires a dissertation proposal one of the things you can do you is to find a sample. Having a sample dissertation proposal will show you exactly what is required of you and will give you a template which you can use to present your proposal.

So where can you find a good sample dissertation proposal and domestic violence?

  • The absolute best place to look for this type of sample is your academic institution itself. Because you have to meet their requirements make sure that the example you find comes from them. Do your advisor and ask for a sample. If they are unable to provide you with a proposal sample you can look through relevant publications in your school library where other student material is published. Every academic institution will maintain copies of previous graduates and the work they did. As a student yourself you should easily be able to procure this information and locate the data you require.

  • If that does not work you can always turn to another academic institution and search there Internet databases for the samples that you need.

  • The Internet is another place you can look but be sure to practice discernment here and only select reputable which are relevant to your field as well as the format required of you. You can turn to Internet-based educational websites and blogs which might provide articles about the thesis and links to online copies of a thesis. When you do this be sure to verify that the website is affiliated with an academic source or institution such as a government educational branch or a university. By doing this you can make sure the source is credible.