How To Compose An Eye-Catching Dissertation Proposal: Writing Manual

Use a title that provokes interest and intrigue

If you want to compose an eye-catching dissertation proposal, then it can be a good idea to use thought-provoking titles. Potentially, you can include slightly controversial content, if this fits in with the rest of the work. Alternatively, you can make it slightly mysterious, almost like a cliffhanger. Therefore, the reader will be persuaded to find out more by reading the rest of the work.

Begin with an interesting statement or question that entices that reader to continue reading

Just as it is important to create an interesting title, the opening line of your dissertation proposal should either be an interesting statement or a question that entices the reader to want to find out more. Of course, the statement or question needs to relate in some way to the work that you are doing; however, if you can try and make it as personal as possible for whomever will read it, then this can help build up interest in the rest of the work too.

Keep things short and sweet

One of the most important things about your proposal is that it should not be too long. Due to the fact that you are limited on the number of words that you can use in your proposal, you have to keep everything as concise as possible. Take your time over the writing process and be prepared to make several revisions. If a word doesn’t add anything to your proposal, then you need to cut it out. Equally, if you have two words or more that could be replaced by a single word, then make the changes.

You will have quite a lot to fit into your proposal, so you really cannot afford to waste the space on unnecessary fluff or fancy words that don’t necessarily enhance the content.

Have a professional editor check the work for you

Once you have written the work, it is a very good idea to have someone else look over the work for you. Of course, you should try and edit and proofread it yourself; however, if you’re not very good at that sort of thing then it makes sense to get someone else to do it. Even if you feel that you are quite competent when it comes to proofreading, due to the importance of the proposal, it makes sense just to pay a professional editor to check the work for you.