How To Compose A PhD Thesis Cover Page: Free Instructions

What is a thesis?

A dissertation or a thesis is a formal writing which is prepared after a research has been done on a given topic. It is generally documented by students to secure their Master’s or PhD degree. The main purpose of the universities behind the publication of these theses is to let the work of the students be displayed for others. Also so that other graduates can read it and which can help them in their respective research work.

A thesis has many parts to it and requires detailed understanding of each of it. The common contents of a thesis are:

  • Cover page
  • Index table
  • Abstract
  • The research problem
  • Theoretical framework
  • Literature review
  • Methodology/procedures
  • References
  • Timetable
  • Institutional review board application

The cover page which is the first page of the writing is a very important section as that is what helps in forming the correct impression of the entire thesis to the reader. The contents of the cover page are:

  • Proposed title of the research work
  • Name of the student
  • Department of science
  • Names of the committee members
  • Approval signature
  • Date of submission

A thesis has a strict format and style which is required to be followed at all times. The font of used should be in Times Roman 12. It should be kept uniform throughout the dissertation, although when making tables and figures, different font may be used. It should be written on an A4 size sheet with 21cm x 29.7cm measurements.

Certain guidelines should be kept in mind while writing a dissertation

  • Four copies of the synopsis is supposed to be submitted in advance to the final submission
  • The entire length of the project should not exceed 250 pages
  • The number of references should stick to 200 and more.
  • For final evaluation, four softcopies should be submitted.
  • The Institute Library requires a final copy after it is completed for future reference.

The last part of completing the dissertation is the printing and the binding. It should be bound in preferably black buckram and the dimensions of it should be followed as per the given guidelines. The lettering of it should be either across or down the spine.

The completion of a PhD thesis is the last stage for obtaining the degree. Once this is evaluated and given positive feedback, the student successfully graduates and procures his degree.