Helpful Advice On How To Choose A Title For Your PhD Dissertation

You are so close to graduation, but until you finish that pesky PhD dissertation you can’t walk across that stage. This is likely to be one of the biggest things that deter a lot of students from graduating. It is the single most difficult paper that you will have to write in school. However, if you get the help that you need, it will not be as bad as you once anticipated.

One thing that many people get hung up on is the title. They know how important it is for the title to tell the reader what the piece is about. They know that it is what draws the reader in and makes them want to continue reading. It has to tell a story and let them know what the piece is about. Here is some advice that will help you decide what to name your paper.

  1. Write the paper first
  2. Start by writing your paper and not naming it. Call it “dissertation” until it is complete. The name can wait. You don’t want to write a paper to match the title. The idea is to create a title that matches the piece. Once you have read through your paper a few times, you will start to come up with ideas and then you will be able to start brainstorming. Play around with it for a little while and you will find that it becomes a lot easier.

  3. Rewrite your thesis
  4. Your title will relate directly with your thesis. Write the thesis over a few times but leave out the reasons. Just write the statement part a few different ways. Include the company that you are studying if you are applying a concept to an organization. Use a colon to mesh two singular ideas together where the second one is an extension of the first. It is a great way to give more detail to your title.

  5. Seek professional help
  6. If you are still stuck, then ask a professional for help. They can help you choose the perfect title for your paper. It will be such a great idea because they know how to capture the pure essence of your paper and may even be able to help you with a few edits in the process. It never hurts to get an expert opinion.