How To Create A Dissertation Appendix: General Rules

A dissertation is a project that shows the process and results of a certain research you have done. A dissertation is, probably, the biggest type of all academic papers. It contains a lot of information of different types. That is why, to avoid overloading the body with excess materials, some data like illustrations, schemes, tables and graphics is collected in a separate part of your work that is called appendix.

“Appendix” is a singular form of the word; in plural, it will be “appendices”. You can have as many appendices as you want, providing all of them make sense. Alike, you can have only one appendix; it is also normal.

It is necessary to remember three important things about this part pf your dissertation:

  1. It should not be used as a means to get around the demanded amount of words in your project. It is here to contain parts of your research that are not required in the body.
  2. It contains the information that is not vital for readers of your project. Speak about the results of your work in body paragraphs and include a sample of your research method in the appendix.
  3. This part of your project is not marked.

There are certain recommendations and demands to organization of this part of your work.

  • If you have several appendices, each of them should have a heading that is formatted in the same way with all other chapter headings.
  • All pages in your appendices should be numbered in the same format with body text pages.
  • If you have several appendices, use letters or numbers in the heading. If you have only one, name it Appendix without any letters or numbers.
  • All textual fragments in this part should be formatted in the same way with body textual pages.
  • Make sure that all illustrations, graphics, schemes, etc. are printed clearly and correctly.

If you aren’t sure about proper organization of your work, turn to your supervisor. You can also find samples of properly formatted and organized dissertations and their parts on the Internet. You should feel free to use them as samples of a high quality. There are resources where you can ask for recommendation from professional tutors online. It can also be very helpful, if you just need a consultation on some details. As well, if you have no time or ability to write this part of your project on your own, you can turn to online writers. They will provide you with a perfect piece of work.