A Quick Guide On How To Cite A Dissertation In The APA Format

Writing a dissertation is one of the most complex and critical tasks students attempt during their academic careers. They know that their final degree depends upon the success of this paper. If they fail to write a winning thesis then the teacher might not approve it. They need to stick to the guidelines and instructions by the teacher in order to impress them. The professors will receive plenty of papers on the same subject by a number of students, it is important for you to understand the requirements and write the paper according to their specifications.

The format of the paper is very important because it helps you write your paper in a professional manner. Some teachers prefer one format to the other while others may want you to use a custom formatting style for your dissertation. Usually the APA format style stands for American Psychological association. We use this style for papers in general science and psychology. If you are to format a mathematical or similar paper, then you need to follow the MLA style. MLA stands for modern languages association. However, this depends upon your instructor or professor. You need to stick to their preferences for the formatting and style. Teachers prefer to have the paper in a certain format because they are comfortable with it and can easily track and compare your paper with the others. If your paper does not follow the right format then you will have to suffer in terms of your grade.

Citing a thesis in your paper depends upon different factors. It is important to note the format that you are following for your paper. In this case, you have APA.

  1. It also depends upon whether the project is published, unpublished, published electronically or an abstract
  2. For a published dissertation you need to include the author’s last name, year and the dissertation title.at the end you need to include the number or Id this paper has in the database
  3. If you are referring to a paper on the internet then you need to follow the same format but include the web address of the dissertation instead of the id in the database
  4. If the dissertation is not available in publication then you need to specify that in the reference. You should also include the name of the institute and the location at the end of your citation