17 Law Master’s Dissertation Topics You Should Consider

How to Nail Down a Catchy Law Dissertation Topic?

Law dissertation topics are plenty but you must select the one where your interest lies. In this case, consulting old books or journals won’t help. Quite a few brainstorming sessions with your mentor can give you a solid insight about how to go ahead with it. But no matter what, always state a question or statement in your topic so that it would be easy to start from there.

Tips To Write a Supreme Law Dissertation

  • Make reading and writing the part of your daily routine. That means- spending a considerable time in library and taking notes.
  • Create a timetable before you start your journey. Break it further into small goals.
  • Write everyday even if it’s only 100 words. Set aside a time for weekly revision.

Below Are Listed 17 Law Dissertation Topics:

  1. How to tackle the increasing rate of corruption in bureaucracy in an under-developed country?
  2. Is there any scope for the UK employment protection law to be influenced by that of its American counterpart? If yes, then discuss the possible effects.
  3. Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide is a broad spectrum and has the scope to be misused. Explain the role of Justice.
  4. The ethical aspects of abortion in European countries that are under the doctrine of catholic beliefs.
  5. How male segment can become the victim of domestic violence also? The legal aspects to safeguard their interests.
  6. Child Labor in the export industry of Southeast Asian countries: The legal way out.
  7. Striking up the correct and fair alimony in divorce cases.
  8. The copyright policy is going to be stale in thisovertly digitalized age. Explain.
  9. The ill treatment of girl child in the conventional family set-ups in Asian context.
  10. The infringement of human rights in the process of war against terror.
  11. Does the state really know what is best for a child when it comes to cases related to child’s rights and parental rights as well?
  12. Development of money laundering law in the context of South-East Asian Countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  13. What should be the role of law against charitable trusts that advocates radical religious ideas?
  14. The role of law in shaping up the prejudice of Indian society about how it perceives marital rape.
  15. Critically explain the role of law in psychiatric harm of a workforce within a corporate set-up.
  16. Is 1951 Refugee Convention (Geneva Convention) still relevant in today’s global perspective?
  17. The role of British law when it comes to securing the rights for free press, especially in the face of growing defamation lawsuits.