All You Need To Know About The Architectural Dissertation Format

The dissertation is quite an extensive piece of writing, one which many students are unfamiliar with because it is something typically assigned only once. If you are unfamiliar with the format required of you, that is not a problem. Writing an architectural dissertation can still be done with a little bit of research. The format which is required of you when you are tasked with writing your architectural dissertation is highly contingent upon your particular academic institution. Your advisor should supply you with the exact requirements for your format including information such as:

  • The indentation requirements
  • The format for page numbers
  • The reference style and citation format
  • The layout of the chapters
  • The format for the table of contents
  • The structure of the abstract and the acknowledgments page
  • Etc…

If you are not given this information, you can certainly obtain it. You should ask your advisor to provide you with a copy of the regulations for the format of your dissertation. You can also refer to previously published dissertations and use them as a guide.

Sometimes students face internal and external stressors from the dissertation process. But managing a good topic as well as your adviser and your committee can make all of this significantly easier.

Managing your topic

  • Remember that as you start working the topic you have selected is not set in stone. Many people change their topic as they begin to work, adding to their existing topic or taking pieces away from it. You want to keep your adviser and your review committee informed about any major changes that you make in terms of your focus but for many disciplines you will not be required to strictly follow the research and writing plan that you originally suggested in your proposal. In fact, many people stray from this during the research process.

  • It is best that you speak with your advisor about any changes that you want to make. They might be able to offer suggestions on how to shorten a project which is quickly becoming unwieldy.

  • Look at other dissertations that have been published from your department to get a better idea of what kind of topic can produce an acceptable finished project. You might find that it's not the big masterpiece you once thought it was and that you can work on a much smaller scale with a much more compact topic if you so choose.