Coming Up With Human Resource Management Dissertation Ideas

If you are studying a subject that requires you to write a human resource management dissertation then you may be wondering what topics you could base your academic paper on. In order to help you to establish what topics or titles to write about, the following gives a variety of suggestions, as well as a list of potential ideas for you to use.

Pick a style of essay to use

One of the first things to consider is what style of essay you wish to use for your human resource management dissertation. For example, you may be thinking of using an argumentative style essay, in which you try and persuade the reader as to why a specific human read management technique is more effective than others, for example.

Alternatively, you may write the paper in an informative style, whereby you use facts and figures to inform the reader about various details relating to a topic connected to human resource management.

Ensure that any statistics or data that you use is accurate

Whatever the style of essay you choose for your dissertation, it is important that any statistics or data that you use are as accurate as possible. Therefore, you should ensure that any sources you use as part of your research are respectable and verifiable. Furthermore, you should make sure that any sources that you do use are appropriately cited where necessary.

To give you some extra ideas as to what sort of titles you may use for your dissertation, the following lists several topics related to the subject of human read management:

  • Analyse what performance management techniques can be used to increase a business’ productivity levels
  • How can effective human resource management help a business to grow?
  • What health and safety methods should be focused on by human resource managers?
  • What role does human resource management have when it comes to employee motivation within a company?
  • How should regular training exercises be employed by human management teams in order to ensure that employees are capable of completing tasks to the maximum of their ability?
  • Analyse examples of failed human resource management campaigns in major international businesses?
  • How should human resource management combine communication techniques to ensure the smooth running of a business?
  • How much involvement should human resource management teams have in hiring new employees?
  • Analyse effective organisational methods that should be promoted by human resource management teams?
  • How have human resource management techniques developed in the 21st Century?