A List Of Exclusive Dissertation Ideas In Philosophy

Philosophy is a very exciting subject for students, but it’s not easy to write a dissertation on this topic. You have the chance to discuss about interesting aspects and ideas, but you need to know how to gather information and arrange it in logic way. Finding a topic might be a real challenge, especially if you want something new and innovative. Take a look at these ideas and see if they are suitable for you:

  • Why humans need to believe in God? Almost every human believes in a superior force, no matter the religion. Even the atheists believe that there is some kind of force in the Universe. Why humans need religion and belief in their life? Has this something to do with their own dreams and aspirations?
  • Universal good. What is good for you might not be good for someone else, but there has to be something that is good for everyone. You can try different perspectives and see to what conclusion you reach.
  • Humans are social or they prefer to be alone? You can use plenty of facts to support your ideas, but you have to try to bring some scientific evidence. Even so, you can write your own opinion and discuss about this with your classmates. Use this company to get more ideas about this topic.
  • Animals are equal to humans? Many people would say that they are not, but in the last years science proves how smart some animals actually are. They think, they are rational and they have feelings; in this case, why would they be less than us?
  • How important it is to belong to a group? Nowadays, we pay so much attention to our computers that we forget how necessary it is to belong to a group. In the end, this is what made people evolve and become what they are today.
  • Some people are born leaders. You can discuss about this statement and explain your point of view. There are some people who feel comfortable as leaders while others just want to work without being noticed. Which type are you?
  • Is music good for our soul? Why people feel strong emotions when they listen to music? It has something to do with the lyrics, or it’s just the beautiful sound that makes us feel happy or sad?