Expert Advice On How To Craft An Introduction For A Qualitative Dissertation

Even though it is advised that you write the introduction of your dissertation last, this does not mean you should wait until the last minute before you give a thought to how it can be carefully crafted. As a matter of fact, the initial draft of your paper’s introduction should be ready the moment your research proposal is composed and submitted. This helps to set the stage in writing a final draft that would impress your supervisor. In crafting an introduction for a qualitative dissertation, here is expert advice on how to go about it.

  • Make A Clear Statement: Understanding that you need to impress your readers the first time they open your academic paper, you should ensure that your paper’s introduction is clearly written, especially the thesis statement. You should also tell your readers the aim of your paper, which is very much related to your paper’s title.
  • Literature Review: You should not fail to introduce and at the same time, carry out a literature review as it relates to your paper’s title or topic. In doing this, let your readers know how the level of contribution your paper would make towards a better understanding of your paper’s topic.
  • Make It Interesting: You want to hold your readers spell-bound and the only way to do that is by opening your paper’s introduction with interesting and unique sentences. If there are rare findings as it relates to the topic, make sure they are in the opening sentences in order to draw your readers into reading more of your paper.
  • Make It Brief: Yes, you do not need to say it all in your dissertation’s introduction. Make it brief and straight to the point, outlining the broad aspect of the paper and related argument.
  • Start Early: Just like any other academic paper, it is important that you start writing your dissertation early, including the introduction. When you start early, you have time to constantly review and edit each written draft. Leaving it till the last minute is simply a “recipe for disaster.” You don’t want to experience this.
  • Write Several Drafts: The main reason why you should do this is because the more drafts you write, the better your introduction would become. This is why you have to start it early so that you can write several drafts until the introduction suits your supervisor’s expectations.

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